The main goal of the subject “Economics and Management of Ecological Farm” is to help students understand better problematics of ecological farming in wider context. For better understanding of this context is necessary to use systems approach and analysis of economics and management of ecological farm. The subject offers basic range of knowledge, which can be useful for students - future managers in agriculture - for their personal development.
Syllabus of subject
Type: facultative
Study programmes: for all university’s Bc. study programmes
Recommended semester: 4, 5 or 6
Length: 1 semester

Lectures/seminars: 2/1
Form of examination: credit (project presentation)
  1. Ecology and sustainable development
  2. Basic technologies in ecological farming and processing
  3. Duality and certification of commodities
  4. Ecological policy of EU
  5. System of national support and subsidies for ecological farming and processing
  6. Management of eco-farm
  7. Marketing of eco-farm
  8. Management of completation documents and propose projects to grant and subsidising agencies
  9. Information technologies and information systems supporting ecological farming
  10. Basic EU relevant databases, lines to information
  11. Economics of eco-farm
  12. Evaluation of economic results
  13. Policy of protection
  14. Eco-tourism
  1. Crop rotation, livestock management, agriculture technology in ecological farm
  2. Exact methods in decision making
  3. Projects proposal and creation
  4. Information sources and databases retrieval
  5. Evaluation of ecological farm production
  6. Evaluation of multiplicative effects of ecological farming
  7. Case studies