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Project PTLE

Ecology and applied ecological disciplines - production, processing, behaviour in economic, social and competitive environments - are highly developing branches of the national and world economy. Ecological production and processing offers special opportunities to small and medium enterprises and businesses as well as individual producers. Demand for ecological food and goods are increasing. Also ecological leisure and hospitality management offers new work opportunities for the first time to countryside people. It gives special social groups chances to enter the work force and succeed in todays competitive market. The project thus answers the requirements of an education market for courses in ecology production and processing, which are desired by the young countryside population.

Main aims of the projects are as follows:

  • Address young people in countryside regions and turn their attention to problems of survival. More clearly realize the problems of future societal development. Understand the problems of sustainable development.
  • Improve the ability to enter the market. Improve or change qualifications of the young, support their ability to maintain and improve their own contributions to the market, and support their decisions to move to new jobs.
  • Facilitate their access to the best information sources on the Internet.
  • Improve the ability to manage own lives in the global world. Understand the effort of “green” initiatives. Calm evaluation and assessment of revolutionist and messianic opinions and sentiments. Be able to enter the process of life-long education. Enrich of own life with new elements.
  • Make contacts with young people in the countryside and via Web-sites and/or by way of certificated courses attract them to active participation in continual life-long education.

Education modules

Thirteen education modules are assigned to farmers, producers, trainers and decision makers:

  1. Ecology and sustainable development
  2. Ecological policy of EU
  3. Economic spreadsheet
  4. Marketing of organic farming
  5. Ecological influences
  6. Basic technologies
    • ecological plant production – main crops
    • ecological plant production – special crops
    • ecological plant protection
    • ecological animal husbandry – main livestock breeding
    • ecological animal husbandry – special breeding
    • Landscape protection
  7. Quality and certification of commodities
  8. System of national and EU support for ecological farming
  9. Policy of protection
  10. Basic EU relevant databases, lines to information
  11. Information technologies and information systems supporting ecological production
  12. Ecological leisure and hospitality management
  13. How to complete document and propose project to grant and subsidising agencies


Czech Univerzity of Life Sciences, Prague
FYTO Praque
5P Ziar nad Hronom
University College Cork
University Paris Grignon

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